No. 304: Municipal Building with telephone pole
Postcard #304

Postcard. Caption on front: Municipal Building, Dorchester, Mass. Postally unused. On verso: No. B 13530 Published by The New England News Company. Boston, Mass. Leipzig-Berlin.

 Reader's comment from Frank Montegani, January, 2009: In the days before daily showers became commonplace, homes were equipped with bath tubs. Taking a bath was a special occasion. An important consideration was how convenient it was to make hot water. Bathing was typically a weekly event, and families with children would often bathe them one by one in the same water. Working men needed to bathe more often, and that's where the municipal building served an important need because of its public showers. They were very heavily used.

Map: Scan of detail from 1918 Bromley atlas plate 6.
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