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No. 562: Dunn's Grille
Postcard #562

Postcard. Caption on front: Dunn's Grille, 770 Gallivan Boulevard, Neponset Circle, Mass. Postmarked Jun 18, 1941with US defense stamp. On verso: a paragraph about Dunn's locations in Sharon and in Dorchester.

 Located at 770 Gallivan Boulevard. The Boulevard was created by joining Codman and Marsh Streets in 1928. Marsh Street did not extend to Neponset Circle, so did the Boulevard extend to Neponset Circle at that time? Bickford's Restaurant is located at this site today.

An internet user commented: Hi, as a kid in the late 1960s, I remember this place as Linda's across from Mal's.
Modern image: Digital Photograph of Bickford's Restaurant, Feb. 2002
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