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No. 188: National Diaper Service blotter
Postcard #188

Trade card or blotter from National Diaper Service, 1208 Dorchester Avenue.

 Reader's comment, Dec, 1, 2005: I remember watching National Laundry burn, say about 25 years ago. I also remember, before the days of Pampers, when one of the people who came to our home (a block away from Ashmont Street) on a regular basis was the "laundry man." He wore a uniform and a cap, and usually brought back clothing draped in plastic. This would have been the late 1950's. By then, most households on the street had cars, but there was still a residue of earlier ways. That meant regular visits from the milkman, the eggman, the laundry man, and even the slow, horse-drawn passage of the ragman.

-Chris Lovett

Spring, 2007 From: Sharon A. Harding Reed

I remember the National Laundry as my Aunt and Uncle, Millie and Leo Carbone and my grandmother lived at 1200 Dorchester Avenue on the third floor for many years which abutted the laundry property. They lived there probably from the early 30's until the mid 50's. I remember looking into the windows of the laundry as a child and watching the workers doing the laundry, steam pouring out of the windows, and my grandmother would say ""I feel so sorry for those people." Imagine, what they must have endured with no air conditioning?
I moved to Florida in 1977 and registered at the Palm Harbor Library and the man who worked there told me that he had worked in Dorchester, I asked where and his reply was The National Laundry. He was an accountant there for many years. What a small world...
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