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No. 193: Blake House
Postcard #193

Photograph published in Pathways of the Puritans. Compiled under the Direction of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Commission and published by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Second edition, 1931, following p. 72. Photograph taken by Halliday Photograph Company.

 Reader's comment received Jan. 4, 2006 from From: Catherine Flynn

I grew up on Willis Street (a couple of blocks south of the Blake house) from 1961 until 1973 and spent many winter days sledding down the "Blakey" hill. My sister, friends and I crashed into the fence seperating the house from the fields many times. I live in Nebraska now and have very fond memories of this house. When I went back to visit my old Dorchester neighborhood in 2001 with my daughter, I was surprised to see how little the Blakey Hill is. In my mind, it will always be a mountain.
Map: Scan from 1899 Richards Atlas.
Modern image: Digital photo taken September, 2002.
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