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No. 458: Mather School House 19th Century
Postcard #458

Illustration in: Good Old Dorchester / William Dana Orcutt. Cambridge, 1893.

 Octobe 2007 From: Steve Mayer

In this picture the 20th century Mather School (the building in the photo at the bottom) occupies the area where the rocks are. Those rocks, by the way are Dorchester Puddingstone. The little piece about the rocks on East Street, of which I wrote you last week, are a part of the rocks we see in this postcard.

The location of that flagpole remained the same even after the Old Mather School burned down. My older brother went to the Mather in the mid 40's.Two of my children attended in the 70's. Its name was changed to the Edward Southworth School.

Notice in that old post card scene, the church, and to the left must be the Lyceum, then to the left of that, one can see the door portals of the Boston Fire Department's E-17, L-7 quarters.
Great stuff. I do not remember the Lyceum, for sure. My folks bought an old (circa 1850) house on Linden Street in 1945. I was born in 1949. I think I remember seeing the columns on the Dorchester Square side. Is that possible?
Map: Scan of detail from 1899 Richards atlas plate 4.
Modern image: Digital photograph of the newer Mather School, September 2003.
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