No. 714: Blake House
Postcard #714

Engraving published in History of the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts by a committee of the Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society. Boston, 1859. p. 388. Originally published in Samuel Blake's genealogical history of the Blakes of Dorchester. This house was undoubtedly built by Elder James Blake, previous to 1650. The one-story addition to the right was placed there within the last quarter of a century (i.e. between 1834 and 1859). This house stands in Cottage Street.

 The house was moved to Richardson Park on Columbia Road, a few hundred yards east of its original site, for preservation by the Dorchester Historical Society in the 1890s.
Map: Scan from 1899 Richards Atlas.
Modern image: Digital photo taken September, 2002.
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