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No. 931: Souther House
Postcard #931

Photograph published in Edmund C. Tarbell: Poet of Domesticity / Laurene Buckley. New York: Hudson Hills Press, 2001.

 This house used to front on Adams Street but was moved onto Souther Street. Tarbell, the painter, married into the Souther family and painted his picture In the Orchard in the back yard of this house.

William Tarbell writes by e-mail 4/1/2005:

My great-grandfather Edmund Tarbell married Emeline Arnold Souther, daughter of Harrison Phipps Souther, who lived in an estate called "Maples" at 691 Adams Street, Dorchester. The estate has been subdivided, but the house survives, now turned to face the beginning of the developer's creation, "Souther Road." It was on this estate that Tarbell painted his most famous picture, "In the Orchard," 1891 (now at Chicago's Terra Foundation for the Arts). The figure in the picture are all Southers. I recommend for a recent book "Edmund C. Tarbell--Poet of Domesticity" (2001) by Laurene Buckley. New York, Hudson Hills Press.
Modern image: Digital Photograph. Souther House Feb. 2002
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