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No. 2427: Dalrymple Junction
Postcard #2427

Photograph of pen and ink drawing in the possession of the Dorchester Historical Society in large album titled Old Dorchester Houses, showing J. Dalrymple Junction, at Dorchester Avenue and Adams Street.

 Comment from Anthony Mitchell Sammarco, 8/9/2005:

This was known as Dalyrmple Junction for many years, though the area was Field's Corner. Charles Dalrymple was an employee of the Dorchester Turnpike, and lived in the small house in the sketch and operated the "standard scales" in the foreground. Notice that it is a wood platform that could weigh large conveyances of goods (going to or from the industrial Lower Mills.)
As The Dorchester Turnpike was laid out as a toll road, there were weigh stations at specific intervals so that wagons would be weighed and the person required to pay a fee per pound. Travelers in coaches or chaises along the road also paid a toll. In 1856, the turnpike failed (one wonders if the free use of Adams Street and Washington Street had an impact on this) and the road was renamed Dorchester Avenue. The first horse drawn streetcars operated along the avenue, connecting Lower Mills and downtown Boston.
Map: Map from 1874 showing the location of the Dalrymple Junction scale.
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