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No. 8399: Noah Clapp Ebenezer Clapp property location
Postcard #8399

Ebenezer's father, Noah Clapp, built a new home after the fire closer to Upham?s Corner on a property that later encompassed the land on both sides of Hamlet Street when that street was constructed. The property owned by Samuel Pierce in this detail from the 1874 map was earlier owned by the Foster family and was the location of Royall?s Pond, an area that Hepzibah seems to call Breezy Hollow in this memoir. In this detail from the 1874 Hopkins Atlas, Columbia Road has not yet been developed, So the road leading out of Upham?s Corner to the north is still named Boston Street. Dudley Street is still called Stoughton leading west from Upham?s Corner.

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Created: August 26, 2006   Modified: September 23, 2006