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No. 10127: King Square
Postcard #10127

Post card. Postmarked Sept. 11, 1912. View of King Square, where Neponset Avenue begins. In the post card view Neponset Avenue would be left of the left-hand side of the picture, running along the left side of the house at the left. This house disappeared from the maps between 1918 and 1933 and was replaced by a Beacon Oil gas station. The three-decker at the very right does not appear on the 1910 map but does appear on the 1918 map. Therefore the photo dates from 1910 or after. The street with the Trolley Car is Adams Street and the building to the right of the trolley car is 359-365 Adams Street. The side street between that building and the second building from the right is Parkman Street.

Map: Scan of details from plates 18 and 21 of the 1918 Bromley atlas put together to show King Square. The viewer of the postcard scene would have been standing in front of the Boarding Stable looking south (bottom).
Modern image: Digital photo November 29, 2008
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