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Monday, January 25, 2021
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Roger Ludlow
 One of the most prominent of those who settled at Rock Hill, or Savin Hill, was Roger Ludlow, the brother-in-law of Governor Endicott, and "assistant" of the Massachusetts Company, who was chosen Deputy-Governor in 1634. When Ludlow arrived in the new country, he had already reached middle age, and, as a stockholder in the Massachusetts Company, was possessed of some property. He was chosen "assistant" or director, in London, before the emigrants set sail, and he embarked from Devon on the "Mary and John" with the others.

His great disappointment in not being elected governor in 1635 caused him to protest the election of Winthrop; and this so offended the freemen that they left him entirely out of the magistracy. This was more than his proud nature could endure, so he joined the party which emigrated to Windsor, Connecticut, later in that year.

Ludlow's Dorchester house was built on the south side of the hill on Savin Hill Avenue, at the corner of Bath Avenue, and it was one of the most substantial in the town -- standing until 1730.


Orcutt, William Dana. Good Old Dorchester: A Narrative History of the Town, 1630-1893. Cambridge: University Press, 1908.

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