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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Buildings & Monuments
 Printed Materials Relating to Dorchester Buildings & Monuments

Bostons Triple-Deckers. Boston: Office of Program Development, 1978.

Dedication of the Soldiers Monument at Dorchester, September 17, 1867. Boston: T. Groom & Co., 1868.

Clapp, David. Old Morton and Taylor Estates in Dorchester, Mass. Boston: Press of David Clapp & Son, 1892.
Click here to see the pdf version of the above title by David Clapp.

Cummings, Abbott Lowell. Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725. Cambridge, 1979.

Foley, Rosanne. The Clock in Peabody Square, Ashmont. Dorchester: Dorchester Historical Society, 2003.

Fowle, John A. Paper on the Old Dorchester Burying Ground 1634. Read before the Society, November 22nd, 1901. Second edition. Dorchester: Dorchester Historical Society, 1907.

Howells, John Mead. Lost Examples of Colonial Architecture. New York, 1963.

The Humphreys Homestead, 1784-1917. [Comprises a poem written on the occasion of the family leaving the house for good.]

Jackson, Robert Tracy. History of the Oliver, Vassall and Royall Houses in Dorchester, Cambridge and Medford. Boston, 1907. Click here to see the pdf version of this pamphlet.

Krim, Arthur J. Three-Deckers of Dorchester: An Architectural Historical Survey. Boston, 1977.

to see a pdf version of this publication, Click here

McBride, Marion A. "Some Old Dorchester Houses." New England Magazine new series, 2 (1890) 314-321.

Sammarco, Anthony. "The Peabody: historic landmark, DCNs home." in Dorchester Community News, 14 June 1991. Click hereto see the pdf version of the above title by Anthony Sammarco.

Taylor, Earl. The Clapp Family and Dorchester, a Landscape History. Dorchester, 2007.

For a pdf of the above Click here

Three Decker Housing in the City of Boston: A Reconnaissance. 1974.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. All Saints Ashmont: A Centennial History. 1974.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. All Saints Church, Boston: An Introduction to the Architecture of Ralph Adams Cram (v. 2 of The Gothic Churches of Dorchester). 1975.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. Ashmont: An Historical Guide to Peabody Square, Carruths Hill and Ashmont Hill ... 1991.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. Church Building in Boston, 1720-1970. 1974.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. Gothic Churches of Dorchester. Dorchester: Dorchester Savings Bank, 1972.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. Gothic Churches of Dorchester. 2 v. 1974.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. Ralph Adams Cram, American Medievalist. 1975.

Tucci, Douglass Shand. Second Settlement: A Case Study in the Development of Victorian Boston. 1974.

Whitefield, Edwin. The Homes of Our Forefathers. 3rd ed. Boston: A. Williams, 1880. Includes illustrations of the Pierce House and the Welles Mansion.

Zimmer, Edward. Documentary Study of the James Blake House in Dorchester: Title, Structure and Restoration. Typescript. Boston, 1977.

Three-Deckers of Dorchester by Arthur J. Krim
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