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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Dorchester Historical Society Wine-tasting 5-3-2009
 Dorchester Historical Society

Dorchester Historical Society Successful in Meeting its Fundraising Match and Receives Grant

On Sunday, May 3, 2009, the Dorchester Historical Society hosted a fundraiser at the Boston Winery at 26 Ericcson Street on Port Norfolk. The wine-tasting event included a tour of the wine-making process and samples of Cabernet, Merlot and Zinfandel produced by the winery. The Society met its goal of raising $10,000 to earn a $5,000 match for a total of $15,000. This money will allow the Society to continue its efforts of improving the landscape and buildings at the Society?s headquarters on Boston Street.

Photo May 3, 2009 by Sydney Hanlon

For more photos
Click here

Spring-summer, 2009, projects include working with EarthWorks on the installation of a pear orchard and fruiting shrubs in the northeast corner of the headquarters which is the old Clapp homestead where pears were hybridized in the nineteenth century as well as re-furbishing the front entrance walk to the William Clapp House and rebuilding the bulkhead of the Lemuel Clap House.

The Society has received notice of a grant award in addition to the proceeds from the fundraiser. The New England Grassroots Environmental Fund has awarded a grant of $3,000 toward landscape improvements at the headquarters property.

The Society?s board has worked tirelessly over a three year span to produce a vision for the future of the Society and its facilities, relinquishing the house-museum model for a series of learning galleries, both indoors and out. The renovation of the barn will allow the introduction of new exhibits related to the history of agriculture in Dorchester through the lens of the Clapp family?s residence in Dorchester for four centuries. Exhibits will focus on plant varieties and propagation, geographical changes, carpentry, milling, tanning, wool and hemp production, dairying, and other family pursuits. The other buildings will receive updated exhibits related to Dorchester architecture, the Siege of Boston and the military action at Dorchester Heights, Dorchester industry through the centuries and many other topics. Updated gallery space will allow the Society to show more of its collections, ninety percent of which are now in storage.

The Society's plan was set up as a series of discreet modules that can be achieved a little at a time, except for the restoration of the barn. The Society will need to raise $250,000 to restore the barn for its new uses, and the Society considers the barn to be one its top priorities. A portion of every dollar raised will be reserved for the improvement of what is one of the few remaining formerly-working barns in the city of Boston.

***Wine-Tasting Fundraiser at the former Putnam Nail Factory***

The Dorchester Historical Society really needs you to attend its Wine-Tasting fundraiser.
We have a matching donation pending on how much we raise through this event.
May 3, 2-5 pm. $50 per ticket. The Boston Winery, 26 Ericsson Street

Make it a party -- get your friends & neighbors to come with you.
To reserve a ticket, contact Earl Taylor 781 272-6700 or by e-mail
- appetizers
- tour of the facility and description of the wine-making process
- display of historic memorabilia of Port Norfolk
- wine! -- tasting of 3 wines created by The Boston Winery

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