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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Latin School
Dorchester High School No. 6946
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 Dorchester High School, corner of Talbot Avenue and Centre Street, designed by Hartwell, Richardson and Driver and built in 1900, later became Dorchester High School for Girls, later Girls' Latin School, later Boston Latin Academy and now Latin Academy Apartments.

Readers' Comments
 From: Beth Anne Cherry"

I just hapened to be watching HGTV the other night, and was wondering whatever happened to good old GIRL'S LATIN SCHOOL in codman square ... i entered the school at the heart of bussing in 1973 as a sixie... just googled the name..( it didn't become boston latin academy until1975 i believe) .but wondered , what ever became of the building? oldest son, who will be 18 in may. entered boston latin academy in september 2001...i am always telling stories about the OLD girl's latin... i believe i see ms. fillions homeroom in the upper part of the fillion was my homerrom teaxher and 7th grade latin teacher... my son had her as an 8th grade latin student.....

Dec. 2007 From: Marie Brickell Ersoff

Girls' Latin took over this building for the school year beginning Sept 1955. I entered as a 'sixie' that year and became part of the first class to go there from 7th grade to 12th grade, class of 1961. We were a graduating class of 144 girls and got together last year (2006) for our 45th reunion. Oh, the memories, both good and bad. Glad to see the building is still being used.

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