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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Railroad Stations in Dorchester


2,38 Crescent Ave. (Columbia)
2.96 Savin Hill
3.63.Harrison Sq. (jct. for Shawmut Branch)
4.26 Popes Hill
4.94.Neponset (jct. for Milton Branch)


5.89.Granite Bridge


3.99.Fields Corner
4.40 Melville
4.67 Centre St.
(Above two combined into)
5.05 Ashmont
5.56 Cedar Grove
(Milton branch joins at 6.24 Shawmut Jct.)
Butler St. (Trolley only)
(through Milton to)
7.82 Mattapan


2.37 Dudley St.
2.83 Bird St.
3.63 Mt. Bowdoin
4.15 Harvard St.
4.67 Dorchester
5.28.Forest Ave.
5.93 Mattapan (Blue Hill Ave.)
6.50 Rugby
6.86 River St. (sometimes in Hyde Park)

Mileages (corrected to) from So. Sta. as of 1925
Matt. Via F.C.

Prepared by Leo S.

Readers' Comments
 Pope's Hill Station

From: Myles Anderberg, July 2009

My family, with 8 children, lived in the Pope's Hill RR Station Depot during the Winter & Spring of 1937. We lived in a tiny 3 room house down on the Neponset River on the south end of Richmond's Boat Yard. But that winter our father gutted the place and rebuilt the interior. We lived at the Depot while he rebuilt that little house.
I well remember the building rumbling as the trains roared by. The Train Engineers got to know we kids were there and would sometimes wave to us. My older brothers later worked at the Puritan Dougnut Factory. I remember sledding down Pope's Hill St. with a little brother on my back. When we got to the bottom I was going too fast to stop and crossed Freeport St. between the front and rear wheels of a truck. My chief concern at the time was the trouble I'd cause if my little brother got hurt.

We all disbursed during WWII. My father went to work in Pearl Harbor in Oct. 1940, was there during the Dec. 7, 1941 raid, and remained in Hawaii for the duration.

My mother bought a house and moved to Savin Hill in 1944 and I went in the Navy in 1945; the last of 5 from my family in the Service during WWII. Four from our family still live; 2 in CA, 1 in NY and me in FL. We all still fondly remember that winter living in the Pope's Hill RR Station.

I think there was another family, named Flood, that lived there before us. Do you know when the Station was built?
Did the trains stop there frequently back when the Station was new?

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