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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Village Church
Village Church
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 In 1829 twenty-one members of the Second Church were dismissed to form a new church in the south part of the town, which took the name of the Village Congregational Church. Their building was located at the corner of River and Temple Streets. This was the fifth religious society in Dorchester.

The pastors of the Village Congregational Church and their periods of tenure were:

David Sanford, 1830-1838
Daniel Butler, 1838-1845
David Dyer, 1845-1852
Daniel T. Noyes, 1853-1855
Theodore T. Munger, 1856-1860
Edmund S. Potter, 1861-1863
A. Judson Rich, 1864-1866
Henry M. Tenney, 1868-1870
William B. Clarke, 1871-1873
Philander Thurston, 1875-1880
Solomon P. Fay, 1880-1889
G. Wolcott Brooks, 1890-1915
Philip King, 1915-
George H. Driver

For more information, consult:

Chaffee, John R. The History of the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Boston: The Pilgrim Press, 1917.

Orcutt, William Dana. Good Old Dorchester: A Narrative History of the Town, 1630-1893. Second edition. Cambridge, The University Press, 1908.

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