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Friday, August 14, 2020
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Patten's Cove
 Patten's Cove, at Savin Hill where the Boston Globe is now. The original Savin Hill Yacht Club was moved from there across the Boulevard to where it is now. There was a famous controversy when the Globe moved onto the tidelands marsh.

From Paul Nutting, April, 2009

Interesting names

I live near Patten's Cove. Recently, someone referred to it as the Cully (short for culvert).

From John McColgan, April, 2009

My wife has Savin Hill blood in her, and I?ve only heard Patten?s Cove referred to as the ?Gully?. ?Cully?, I?ve never heard.

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Created: December 26, 2009   Modified: December 26, 2009