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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Origins of Dorchester Day
 The Dorchester Historical Society inaugurated Dorchester Day in the year 1904 to observe the 274th anniversary of the settlement of Dorchester. Over 200 citizens of Dorchester gathered in a tent on Savin Hill to celebrate the occasion with a band concert and addresses on the crest of Savin Hill on June 25, 1904. The Society named the celebration "Dorchester Day." Reverend Peter Ronan urged the duty of cooperating with the Dorchester Historical Society to make Dorchester Day an institution to be celebrated every year.

"Among the visitors to hill on that occasion was the Hon. John F. Fitzgerald and his family, who had recently removed to Dorchester. This was his first visit to Savin Hill, and he was so struck with the beautiful surroundings and magnificent view from the hill that he then declared that, if he was ever elected Mayor of Boston, he would favor the securing of the hill for a park, and in the fall, when he became a candidate for the mayoralty, he made similar promises, which he made good on July 26, 1907, when he signed the bill which made a park of Savin Hill ..."

In the second year, 1905, the occasion was celebrated with parades, orations, a sailing regatta and athletic games.

Over time Dorchester Day has become an occasion of home-coming for those originally from Dorchester (OFD), of the revival of old memories and of a great parade following the length of Dorchester Avenue from Lower Mills to Columbia Road. The activities associated with Dorchester Day have multiplied with a separate celebration of Landing Day and with another occasion for the choice of Little Miss Dorchester. The parade, which now has its own organizing committee unaffiliated with the Dorchester Historical Society, occurs on the first Sunday in June.


Dorchester Day. Celebration of the Two Hundred and Seventy-Seventh Anniversary of the Settlement of Dorchester June 8th, 1907 ... Boston, 1907.

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