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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Airplane Crashes on Lonsdale Street, Dorchester MA, 1987
 Plane Crash, Lonsdale Street, June 26, 1987

"In the early morning hours of Friday, June 26, a two engine Piper Seneca cargo plane operated by Cash Air, carrying financial newspapers and bank notes from New Jersey veered off course as it flew over Dorchester in its approach to Logan. The plane went into a sharp left turn, flew over several Dorchester neighborhoods and smashed into three houses on Lonsdale Street near St. Mark's Church.

The pilot, 21 year old Peter Covich of Nashua, N.H. And three occupants of the home at 34 Lonsdale Street were seriously injured. Being treated at area hospitals were: Katherine Tully, 80, and her 41 year old daughter Kathleen Tully, and their third floor tenant Estelle Dion, 54. ..."

Apparently the airline did not have enough insurance to pay for the damage so the homeowners had to take out loans to pay for replacing their houses.


Forry, Ed. "No Warning as Plane Crashes." In The Reporter, v. 5, issue #13, July 1, 1987. [Dorchester weekly newspaper]

Readers' Comments
 July 2007

From: Diane Molle
Re: Overview: Plane Crash, Lonsdale Street, 1987

We owned a restaurant , the second building in on Dorchester Avenue after Lonsdale daughter came home around 1 or 2 in the morning and woke me to come with her and look, we lived several blocks away on Brent Street, as it seemed there was a major disaster in the area of the restaurant. We walked down to the site and found that the plane had flown right over our reataurant, barely missing it and landed on Lonsdale. The next day and in the ensuing days we served reporters, policemen, firemen, the mayor was sort of holding camp outside the restaurant talking with the neighbors etc...

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Lonsdale Street Plane Crash
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