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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Daloz Cleansers, Humphreys Street
Daloz Cleansers
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 Daloz Drycleaner

Laurent Hyppolite Daloz

had sons

Albert Roland Daloz m. Catherine Dawson and Laurent d. ca. 1912

Albert's son

Laurent Albert, 1909-1992 m. Lois Hardy, 1911-

Laurent's children were

Constance ("Connie"), Laurent Albert, Jr. and Charles Roland

Laurent Albert Jr. had children

Kate and Todd

Albert Roland and his wife Catherine lived in the apartment in the Daloz building, and Laurent Albert grew up there until his parents moved to Cohasset. Then the apartment was turned into storage space. The oriental shape on the wall is because Albert Roland was interested in esoteric traditions, converted to Xian Science in the 1920s. They collected lots of little Asian artifacts and probably kept one in that space.

Albert Roland Daloz who is seen spotting in my picture 10968 built the business. His father Laurent Hippolyte came from France and started the cleaning & dying company. His brother (Laurent?) who had a conflict with Albert Roland died of a brain aneurism about 1912, so Albert Roland received the business.

They cleaned rugs in a hand-fed washing machine until a favorite employee, Jim, lost a hand and the Laurent Albert Daloz, Sr., wouldn’t do rugs in the machine anymore. He used to spray them with water and then squeegee them off.

Laurent Albert Daloz, Jr. used to have fold boxes in the hot attic on the top floor.

The company changed over to stainless steel trucks. They used to have a mirror on the side with “For Your Convenience” written underneath.

The trucks were green until the mid-1950s when Laurent Albert was the boss. He bought a 2-tone black & yellow Ford “midlife crisis” convertible and changed the trucks to black and yellow.

Employee Florence was known as the “Queen of the Ironing Board.” Iin photo above Florence is wearing glasses and a dark shirt and stands behind Mrs. Daloz. Florence who was Italian called Larry “Little Boss.”

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Created: May 9, 2010   Modified: May 9, 2010