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Monday, September 23, 2019
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Huebener Brick no. 80 Dunmore House

The Edward A. Huebener collection of over 100 bricks originally collected by Mr. Huebener exhibits brick paintings of the houses from which the bricks came. The bricks have upon them painted scenes of (mostly) old Dorchester houses and landmarks. To see a list of all the bricks, choose the term Architecture in the list at the left of the screen and choose the first subsection -- the Edward A. Huebener Brick Collection and scroll to the bottom of that page to see icons for all the bricks.

Dunmore House
Dunmore House
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 The Dunmore House was located on Bakers Court, and the caption on the back of the photograph says that he drove stage coach from Lower Mills to Boston. 37 1/2 cents each way.

The history of the First Methodist Church p. 42 mentions that the house stood on the site where the Forbes Mill was later built. “On the site of the Forbes Mill stood the Dunmore Estate,--the Dunmore house and stable of Charles and Archibald Dunmore, who ran the stage to Boston.”

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