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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Richard A. Clarke
 Richard A. Clarke, the former national security head in the White House, is himself Originally From Dorchester, and attended the Charles H. Taylor school on Morton Street. Peter Kadzis, executive editor of the Boston Phoenix and an Arbella Road kid, said this week he remembers Clarke riding the bus with him when they both went to Boston Latin School. "He got on around Evans Drug (near the corner of Morton and West Selden streets)," Kadzis said this week. Former City Councillor Larry DiCara recalls that Clark's mother sometimes drove them to school, and that Clarke's father, who worked at Walter Baker's in Lower Mills, passed away while they during those years. "There were four of us on the first debate team - Clarke, Connolly, Arnett Waters and myself. He seemed to become more conservative after his father died."

Considered a "policy wonk," Dot's Richard Clarke has become the epicenter for a firestorm with the publication of his book, Against All Enemies, and his testimony last week before the 9/11 Commission. Clarke has made some serious charges about the Bush administration's conduct of foreign policy.
Was the Bush/Rumsfeld team reckless in sending our sons and daughters into Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein, while lowering the priority for catching Osama bin Laden? Or will this new "Bush doctrine" eventually prove inspired and wise for the future of our country? Time will tell.

Source: Dorchester Reporter, April 1, 2004

Richard A. Clarke born in Dorchester in 1951 and graduated from Boston Latin School in 1969. He is known as a former US counter-terrorism czar

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