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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Roger Walcott School
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 Located at Norfolk & Morton Streets.
Built 1901.

The school suffered a fire ca. 1980 and was taken down. The location is now the site of a drugstore.

Readers' Commments
 Occasionally viewers of this site will offer comments of their own.

Comment from: "Susan Liss" July 27, 2005
Re: Overview: William Bradford School

I lived on Madison Ave. It ran along side of the William Bradford School. When I lived there from 1943 to 1954 it was called Marden Avenue. It had only 5 houses on one side of the street as the wrought iron fence to the school yard was the other side of the street. Lots of fun for me. The street had cobble stones and lamp lights. When I lived there (I was born in 1943 so you figure it out. I'm terrible at that. If I started school at 5 it would have been 48, 49 and 50) the schools main entrance was on Willowood.

I can almost name all the teachers I had at that school. Miss Canada, Miss Colerain, Miss Ahearn, At least these are the teachers that I had. I lived on the street that ran along side of the school. Perhaps Marten Ave., not sure of the spelling. Miss O'Hare used to sneeze so violently that the building shook, so as we thought as little ones.

From there, I went on to middle school although it was not called that. The name of that school was the Roger Walcott. I think a drug store occupies that property now.

Comment from: From: Tony Graham" April, 2009

I went to the Wolcott school from 1969-1972. looking at the old building makes my heart skip a beat. I love that school. My first teacher there was Mrs. Little, and I had a man teacher there also. He had a real big nose. His name was Mr. Baylen. I just wish they could have rebuilt the school, and not have torn it down.

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Roger Wolcott SchoolRoger Wolcott School, Norfolk Street
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