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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Thacher Estate
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 Thacher Street became Windermere Road about 1904. The street was constructed through the middle of the old Thacher estate.

The old Thacher estate was called Hillside and occupied the land on Jones Hill stretching from about where Cushing Avenue is now at the top of the hill down to Stoughton Street. The house later served as the Harley Hospital. You may have to zoom in on the picture to see the largest house on Windermere Road (formerly Thacher Street), which was the Thacher House. In this detail from the 1898 map, the house is owned by Fannie G. Frost.

Harley Hospital
Harley Hospital
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 From Tracey Flynn:
I am writing to you to share pictures of the Harley Hospital with the Dorchester Atheneum website and the Dorchester Historical Society. My cousin (Sarah Watmough) has brought this site to my attention and I?m now documenting a family history and thought I?d share these photos.

Our great aunt was the founder, superintendent and treasurer for the Harley Hospital which was located at 6 Windermere Road, Dorchester, MA. Today, if you search the address on the Internet you can see that the address is a lot with no building on it.

Rose A.M. Harley founded the Harley Hospital in 1916
B 04-02-1889
M Dr. Francis Freeman Henderson
D 01-02-1963 (73 years old) (Cancer)
Buried at Milton Cemetery, Milton, MA

Rose died in 1963 at the Harley Hospital, which she founded in 1916.
Rose was the sister of Elizabeth Anne (Harley) Aunt to Eleanor Y. (Good) Flynn, my grandmother and Great Aunt to Paul W. Flynn, my father.

My great grandparents were clerks, housekeepers and custodians of the hospital:
William Percy Good and Elizabeth (Harley) Good. Elizabeth (Harley) Good was Rose Harley?s sister, she was also from England and emigrated in 1909.

I was given this Annual Report on the hospital from my grandmother, Eleanor Y. (Good) Flynn. She lived in the hospital as a child with her parents. She told me many stories of the hospital and growing up there as she did not have a home to entertain her friends.

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