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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Train Depot Norfolk Street and Nelson Street
Train Depot at Norfolk & Nelson
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 Leo Sullivan says this depot was located at the corner of Norfolk St. and Nelson St., on a 7182 sq. ft. lot (big!), it was built in 1896 by the West End Street Railway and shortly inherited by the Boston Elevated. It had a waiting room and store on the ground floor and, "a modern 5 room apartment" upstairs. I don't know if it is still there but, it is certainly no longer a waiting room. ( 1897 photo)

1930s appearance
Norfolk Street 1930s
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 The middle picture, which shows only the front of the building with a bumped-out storefront at the right of the photo from about 1930, was presented to the Dorchester Historical Society last year by Michael Stella.

2008 appearance
Train Depot at Norfolk & Nelson as it appears 3-11-2008
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 The bottom picture shows the appearance of the building as of yesterday. The roof is flat but the second-floor bay window is still there.

Readers' Comments
 Received Mar. 12, 2008 from Dave Kenney

This building is 306 Norfolk. My wife spotted it and my brother Tom confirmed it--that building is where that distinguished group of Teenagers--or maybe a bit older had their club (the 306 Club)--My brother Tommy (17 years younger than I) and their group who all went on to distinguished careers.
Dave Kenney

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