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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Neponset Circle
Neponset Circle Aerial View 1935
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 Aerial view of Neponset Circle from 1935. You can see the trolley car house on the right (west) side of Neponset Avenue just before the train tracks. At the river?s edge to the right you can see the remnants of a pool that was in the mid-nineteenth century the mill pond for a tidal spice mill. You can see a trolley car on the tracks that ran right through the circle itself. At the bottom of the photo you can see Minot Street coming in from the right and the Minot School on the left of Neponset Avenue opposite Minot Street.
Bill Howe -- Where is the drive-in? That was the best and most interesting part of Neponset. ;-) Also, as you look across the bridge the buildings to the left were where Mathewson & Higgins made landing craft during and just after WW2.

John Krall -- The official 'dedicated' name of the 'circle' is Maloney Circle.

Dan Jenkins -- I also remember in the 50s .early 60s, in front of the three buildings along the side of the river to right of the bridge, Dor. side there was a barrrom that had great pizza .
You had to wear boots at high tide sometimes as it was on the marsh.
Arcie would be glad to hear his place called a restaurant and wonderful
I used to dispatch oil burner servicemen at Metropolitan across the street on other
side bridge. University sign was beside the Pony Room, little Joe and Poochie were still young men. The Pony Room was originally named after a lady, name fails me right now. But you didn't have to go far to find a MDC cop.

Another View
Neponset Circle 1930s
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 Another photograph of Neponset Circle with Neponset Avenue running left to right. The Drive-in is at the top left. Gallivan Boulevard is coming at us from the top right. The old fire station is the bottom and can be identified by its towers.

Another view
Neponset Circle ca. 1940
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 Another view of Neponset Circle, ca. 1940 Building on left is old Home Hamburg stand, now Sozio's. Sozio's also bought 4 houses for the parking lot. The Street was Old Colony Ave. now Morrissey Blvd. Frost Coal and Oil Building is still there.

Neponset Drive-In
Neponset Drive-in Theatre Summer 1971
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 Comment on the drive-in from Paul Delorey

Earl, I found this photo on-line (summer 1971). I was interested myself in the dates of the drive-in. Per 1- web source, the drive-in was at 775 Gallivan blvd from the 50's. 60's and 70's. in the 80's it was a flea market. The drive-in, as well as the dump next door was capped and filled with big dig dirt over a couple of years period. It was opened as the John Paul II Park in 2001. It was always great driving along the expressway at night seeing the drive-in movie (even though there was no sound from there). In the 60's I remember playing on the rusted swing set at the base of the big screen, as well as the greasy spoon snack-shop where we got burgers and popcorn, with 6 kids it was a bargain, I think you paid 1 price per carload, regardless of # of occupants. Ah ...the good old days.........

Per The Neponset River-A History-on the web------
1985: The MDC acquired the former Neponset Drive-In and Hallet Street Dump as riverfront parkland.
July 1990 Rails removed from Dorchester and Milton Branch Railway right-of-way
July 1992 The MDC acquired the Dorchester and Milton Branch Railway right-of-way for $530,000 to link the drive-in and dump site parkland with the Neponset Marshes.

Per a Drive -in web set for Mass. 1948 -21 drive-ins 1954-58, 1958-86, 1963-78, 1967-80, 1972-83, 1977-60, 1982-52, 1987-20, 1998-7...

Per a movie theatre organization on the web---The Neponset Drive-In 775 Galivan Blvd-Dorchester, Ma- opened 1955-closed 1985!

And comment from P Cass
As kids we loved the drive-in theater. It was the first real playground I can remember. Dot Park had swings but the drive-in had a wonderful playground. Later as a teenager we sat on the side of the highway after turning up all the speakers and got to see a free movies. I remember seeing a Brigit Bardot movie and falling in love with BB. I also took the inner route to the top of the movie screen to get a kids "top of the world view". But who can forget the Keystone Toy dump. The toys changed over to camera's but to a kid building a rocket ship to the moon the gears,clogs and trinkets were just fine. I also started a stamp collection from the discarded letters from all over the world. The city dump was a few hundred feet from the toy dump but strange men roamed that site. Countless hours of play,adventure and memories came from the the Neponset River area site.

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