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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Coppenhagen Fountain
Coppenhagen Fountain, March 2002
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 Funds for the Coppenhagen Fountain were donated to the City of Boston in 1911 in the will of Mehitable Calef Coppenhagen, who wanted to honor the memory of her parents and, by extension, all parents, with a suitable public memorial. She left $10,000 to the city, $5,000 of which was to be spent procuring a site and erecting a fountain--for persons and animals--to drink from.

The City acepted the money in 1915 and engaged the sculptor Albert Henry Atkins to build the memorial. Bearing the inscription "In Memory of Beloved Parents," the memorial was located in Richardson Park, a wedge of land in Dorchester bordered by Pond and East Cottage Streets and Columbia Road.

After years of use, the fountain fell into neglect, and it was no longer on site by 1960. In 1979, it was located in Franklin Park, where vandals had left it in pieces. By 1992, it had been rebuilt and placed back in Richardson Park. It worked as a drinking fountain on and off again until a truck hit and badly damaged it. The fountain was again refurbished in 2004.


Thomas F. Mulvoy, Jr. in FYI, City Weekly p. 2 of the Boston Sunday Globe July 11, 2004.

Coppenhagen family
 Mehitable Miller Calef married Arnold Coppenhagen in 1831. Arnold, who was born in Colonge, Germany, died in 1851. Mehitable died in 1871. They had six children.

One of the daughters was Maria Frances Coppenhagen, 1838-1869, to whom the angel by Milmore (Mount Auburn Cemetery?) is dedicated.

Another daughter was Mehitable Calef Coppenhagen who married Davies Wilson. She is the Mehitable C.C. Wilson whose 1911 will left provision for the Coppenhagen Fountain. Both mother and daughter seem to have been active supporters of Angell?s MSPCA. M.C.C. Wilson and her husband are buried in the Coppenhagen lot at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Source: Janet Heywood, Interpretive Programs, Mount Auburn Cemetery

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Coppenhagen Fountain, March 2002
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