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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Paul Whelton
 Dear Mr. Taylor:

Here's another Dorchester author and a bibliography of his works:

WHELTON, PAUL; Born in Dorchester, Nov. 1, 1894; d. 1953, and living near Boston in late 1940s; a rewrite man on large city newspapers. (chron.)

•Angels Are Painted Fair (Lippincott, 1947, hc) [Garry Dean] Foulsham, 1951.

Also published as: Lures of Death. Graphic, 1950, abridged; Star (Sydney, Australia), 1956.

•Call the Lady Indiscreet (Lippincott, 1946, hc) [Garry Dean] Aldor, 1946; Phantom (Sydney, Australia), 1956.

•Death and the Devil (Lippincott, 1944, hc) [Garry Dean]

Also published as: Flash-Hold for Murder. Graphic, 1949, abridged; Original Novels (Sydney, Australia), 1956.

•Flash-Hold for Murder (Graphic, 1949, pb) Abridged; Original Novels (Sydney, Australia), 1956. See: Death and the Devil (Lippincott 1944).

•In Comes Death (Lippincott, 1951, hc) [Garry Dean] Gifford, 1952; Phantom (Sydney, Australia), 1954.

•Lures of Death (Graphic, 1950, pb) Abridged; Star (Sydney, Australia), 1956. See: Angels Are Painted Fair (Lippincott 1947).

•Pardon My Blood (Lippincott, 1950, hc) [Garry Dean] Gifford, 1951; Phantom (Sydney, Australia), 1955.

•Uninvited Corpse (Graphic, 1950, pb) Abridged. See: Women Are Skin Deep (Lippincott 1948).

•Women Are Skin Deep (Lippincott, 1948, hc) [Garry Dean] Foulsham, 1951. Also published as: Uninvited Corpse. Graphic, 1950, abridged

Worked for the Boston Journal and the Boston American

Victor Berch
Date: Mon, May 16, 2011

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