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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Lot 910 Box Path
 Adelaide Beaumont Camp was born in Fitchburg in Worcester County to Laura and Daniel Camp. The Boston Directory of 1897 states that she resided at 73 Montgomery Street in the South End and was Principal of the Kindergarten at the Andrews School at 45 Joy Street on Beacon Hill run by the Episcopal City Mission. Montgomery Street was named by a South End developer who came from Montgomery, the capital of the State of Alabama. Adelaide died on February 9, 1904, at the age of 38 in Mattapoisett in Plymouth County on Buzzards Bay from Heart Disease of about 2 years duration. C. H. Johnson of Mattapoisett was the local undertaker and in Boston J. S. Waterman & Sons handled the arrangements when she was interred on February 11, 1904.

Alexander McDonald & Son of Mount Auburn Marble and Granite Works at 583 Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge opposite the entrance to Mount Auburn Cemetery placed their level polished granite stone here in 1905.

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