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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Oakland Hall, Mattapan Square
Oakland Hall
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 Dorchester Illustration no. 2169 Oakland Hall

Oakland Hall stood at the corner of River Street and Oakland Street (now Cummins Highway). As noted below it was moved on its lot to face Mattapan Square more conveniently. Does anyone know when it was taken down?

upper picture:

Boston Globe, Jan. 5, 1908

Will Start New Parish

Rev Fr Francis J. Ryan Will Have Mass in Oakland Hall in Mattapan Today - Plans for a Church Later

In Oakland hall, close to Mattapan sq, in Mattapan, the Catholic people of that place will assemble this morning for the first time as parishioners of an independent parish to be built up under the direction of Rev Fr Francis J. Ryan. He was appointed about a week ago to take charge of this section which heretofore had been a mission attached to St Gregorys parish of Milton [!]. ..

Jack Frost illustration
Oakland Hall
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 lower picture:

Oakland Hall, Mattapan

Fancy This no. 224 by Jack Frost published in Boston Herald September 10, 1935

How Boston Beat Milton By a Penny

Trustees of the Boston Public won an unexpected penny on Jan. 9, 1924, when a trust fund provided for in the will of Emor Hollingsworth, 19th century litterateur, was divided. The Boston library branch in Mattapan received $11,484.64 and the Milton library branch in Mattapan, second beneficiary, $11,484.63. Milton lost out, to the extent of the penny, because the Boston library was deemed to have a more expensive organization.

Mr. Hollingsworths will, seeking to benefit the two Mattapan branches, directed that a hall now known as Oakland hall be built for Mattapan, with profits from rentals to be given the library branches.

The building went up in 1872 and later was moved so that its entrance would be more conveniently reached from Mattapan Square. It now is at River Street and Cummins Highway.
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