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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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Frank Sears Parsons
 Frank Sears Parsons, 1862-

From American Series of Popular Biographies. Massachusetts Edition. This Volume Contains Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Boston: Graves & Steinbarger, 1891.

FRANK SEARS PARSONS, M.D., a well-known physician and surgeon of Dorchester, was born December 21, 1862, in Northampton, Mass., a son of Enos Parsons and a descendant of Joseph Parsons, one of the earliest settlers of Springfield, Mass., the line being thus traced: Joseph, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Elisha, Elisha, Jr., Enos, and Frank S.

Joseph Parsons emigrated from England to America, and, in company with William Pynchon and his colony, located in Springfield in 1636. For a number of years (1655-79) he lived in Northampton. Returning to Springfield, he resided there until his death, at the age of sixty-three years, October 9, 1683. In 1646 he married Mary, daughter of Thomas Bliss, of Hartford, Conn. She was accused of witchcraft in 1674, but acquitted. Jonathan Parsons married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Clark, and died in the fall of 1694. Nathaniel Parsons, born March 25, 1686, married for his second wife Abigail Bruce, who outlived him fifty-one years, passing away November 3, 1788. Elisha Parsons, the third child of the family of Nathaniel and Abigail Bruce, was born November 16, 1731, and died May 22, 1805. He married Lucy, daughter of Joseph Alvord; and their son Elisha was the grandfather of Dr. Parsons. Elisha Parsons was born in Northampton, Mass., March 22, 1774, and died October 17, 1845. His wife, whose maiden name was Phebe Hubert, bore him nine children, of whom Enos was the eighth in succession of birth.

Enos Parsons was born at Northampton, Mass., December 21, 1815, and died February 8, 1892. When a young man he served his time as an apprentice; but, after working at his trade a short time, he gave it up and embarked in mercantile pursuits. He subsequently entered upon a professional career , becoming attorney first for the Massachusetts Central Railroad and later for the Boston & Maine Railroad Company, serving in the latter capacity eighteen years. He also served a few terms as Judge of the District Court. He first married Mary Ann Crafts, of Deerfield, Mass., who bore him six children, of whom one survives, Julia Electa, a widow of Joseph M. Cole. His first wife died in 1858; and on June 25, 1861, he married Miss Harriet E., daughter of Nathaniel Sears, of Williamsburg, and a descendant of Joshua Thayer, a soldier of the Revolution. But one child was born of this union; namely, Frank Sears, the special subject of this biography.

Frank S. Parsons attended the public schools of Northampton, the Harvard Medical School, and the University of New York, being graduated from the latter institution as a member of the class of 1886. Commencing at once the practice of his profession in Dorchester, he met with such success that he has continued here until the present time, winning a fair share of patronage, and gaining in a marked degree the confidence of the community in which he resides. He is well versed in the science of his profession, and is widely known in medical circles as editor of the Medical Times and Register of Philadelphia. Dr. Parsons is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, of the American Medical Association, and of various minor medical associations.

On September 8, 1892, Dr. Parsons was married to Miss Bertha I. Saxman, daughter of Matthias Saxman, of Latrobe, Pa., and a descendant of Abraham Clark, of New Jersey, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The Doctor and Mrs. Parsons have two children -- Frank Enos and Katherine Saxman.

Comments from Readers
 From: Priscilla Anne Hodge, March 18, 2006

Your article was very interesting. I am a granddaughter of Frank Sears Parsons. He had a third child, Priscilla Ruth Parsons, born April 11, 1901. She was my mother. Frank S. died in June of 1951, at the age of 88. My mother died in August of 1988 at the age of 87. We have traced our lineage and your information in general seems correct. I believe that Joseph Parsons actually founded Northhampton, MA. There is a large Parsons Family Association out there.

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Created: November 13, 2004   Modified: March 18, 2006