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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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La Belle Chocolatiere
La Belle Chocolatiere
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 On a trip to Europe in 1881 Henry Pierce viewed the pastel of La Belle Chocolatiere or Chokolademadchen by Swiss artist Jean Etienne Liotard in a gallery in Dresden, Germany. Pierce adopted the chocolate lady as the Walter Baker & Co. trademark in 1883, one of the earliest examples of a trademark in the U.S. The subject of the painting, Anna Baltauf (1740-1825) was the daughter of a knight who lived in Vienna. In the mid 18th century, chocolate shops were the rage in Europe, and Anna was a chocolate server in one of the shops. One Afternoon, the Austrian Prince Ditrichstien came to the shop, fell in love with Anna and later married her. As a present to his bride, the Prince commissed the pastel portrait.

Baker used the image on product packaging, in advertisements and in publications. Baker used demonstrators to show off its products at world fairs; these were female employees dressed up as the Chocolate Lady. To see the original, visit in Dresden (Germany) Gem?ldegalerie Alte Meister.

19th century packaging
Walter Baker Advertisement 1873
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La Belle Chocolatiere depicted in 19th century packaging of Caracas sweet chocolate.

1887 Advertisement
Walter Baker Advert 1887
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La Belle Chocolatiere depicted in 1887 Advertisement

Baker's Chocolate Demonstrators
Walter Baker Group of Demonstrators
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 Group of 'Demonstrators' or women who were employed by the Walter Baker & Company to dress like the trademark, and stand at the top of the staircase of the Baker Chocolate Administration Building in 1949, beneath a life sized portrait of La Belle Chocolatiere, the trademark since 1881 of the company. Dressed in floor length gowns with lawn aprons, shawls and caps, the women hold plates laden with delicacies such as cake, brownies and bonbons all made from Baker?s chocolate and trays of steaming cups of cocoa, all of which had the trademark embossed on the cups.

Recipe Book 1880s
Walter Baker Chocolate Receipts ca. 1880
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La Belle Chocolatiere in 1880s recipe book.

Recipe Book 1916
Choice Recipes Baker Chocolate 1916
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La Belle Chocolatiere in 1916 recipe book.

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