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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Old Stone Mill
Old Stone Mill, Baker Chocolate
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 The Baker business flourished during the early years of the nineteenth century under the management of Baker?s son Edmund, who built the family?s first mill in 1806 on the site of the 1633 Stoughton grist mill. This frame structure was replaced in 1813 by a granite, forty-foot square woolen, cotton cloth and chocolate manufactory, which, in turn, was replaced after a severe fire in 1848 by a larger granite building three-stories plus attic in height with a high gabled roof. Manufacturing in this building, called the Stone Mill, was predominantly concerned with the production of chocolate and cocoa. The Stone Mill remained a production unit of the plant until 1891 when it was replaced by the present Baker Mill.

Old Stone Mill
Baker Old Stone Mill
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Old Stone Mill

Old Stone Mill
Old Stone Mill
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Old Stone Mill

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Baker Old Stone Mill
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