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Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Baker Family
James Baker, Walter Baker, Henry L. Pierce
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 Richard Baker, the pioneer of the Baker family in this country, landed in Boston from the Norsey (North Sea) bark ?Bachelor,? of which he was second in command, November 28, 1635. He settled at Savin Hill in Dorchester. On November 4, 1639, he became a member of the church in Dorchester, and about the same time married Faith Withington, a daughter of Henry Withington, the ruling Elder of the church. From the numerous ancient deeds now extant in which he was a party, we conclude that Richard Baker was an extensive land-holder as well as a prominent and enterprising citizen. From early manhood to old age his name appears almost every year among the officers of the town of Dorchester. In 1658 he joined the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company.

James Baker, of the fourth generation from Richard, born September 5, 1739, and graduated at Harvard in 1760, married Lydia Bowman, daughter of the Rev. Jonathan Bowman, who was the first minister of the First Church of Dorchester, and a grand-daughter of the Rev. John Hancock, of Lexington. He was a physician of extensive practice in Dorchester. His homestead was on the corner of Washington and Norfolk Streets, and embraced a large tract of land, a part of which is still owned by the heirs of Edmund J. Baker. It was formerly known as Baker's Corner. In 1772 Dr. Baker started the manufacture of chocolate at Dorchester Lower Mills, which business was pursued with great success by his son and grandson.

Edmund Baker, son of James, was born April 20, 1770. He removed to Dorchester Lower Mills in 1791, and became sole proprietor of the chocolate mills, with the water privileges on the Dorchester side of the river. He built a house at the corner of Washington and Richmond Streets. He married first, September 29, 1701, Sarah Howe, by whom he had three children - Walter, Charles, and Horatio. Mrs. Baker died January 29, 1802. He then, October 5, 1803, married Mrs. Elizabeth Lillie, daughter of Daniel Vose, of Milton, and they had three children: Edmund J., the subject of this sketch; Lydia Bowman; and James Edmund. The second wife of Edmund Baker died March 28, 1844, and he died October 11, 1846. His son, Walter Baker, who was born June 28, 1792, and was graduated at Harvard in 1811, was his successor in the chocolate business. He resided at the corner of Washington and Park Streets, Dorchester, on the estate formerly owned by Lieutenant Governor Andrew Oliver. A part of the Baker mansion now standing was built by Governor Oliver.

James Baker House
Dr. Baker House, Washington Street
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James Baker House, corner Washington and Norfolk Streets.

Edmund Baker's House
Edmund Baker House
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Edmund Baker's House. Edmund was the son of James Baker, founder of the Baker Chocolate company, and he was the father of Walter Baker who gave his name to the company.

Walter Baker House
Colonial Club, Dorchester, Mass. No. B 13515
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Walter Baker House, later used by the Colonial Club and replaced by the Lucy Stone School.

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James Baker, 1739-Edmund James BakerEdmund J. BakerWalter Baker Genealogical Notes
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