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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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The Synagogues of Dorchester
Synagogues of Dorchester
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 Title page from the Synagogues of Dorchester


Richard Heath

September, 2004

Please see below for the text of the publication divided into chapters by Synagogue.

The Talmudist
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 The frontispiece of The Synagogues of Dorchester is a picture of The Talmudist by Jacob Binder, a gift to the Museum of Fine Arts in 1929. It was painted in response to John Singer Sargent's mural Synagogue unveiled in 1919.

The sitter/model for the painting was a Jewish carpenter named Jacob Freeman.

Source: Jewish Advocate, January 10, 1944, page 10.

Fowler Street ShulAgudath IsraelChai OdomTikvas IsraelHadrath Israel
Home for Destitute Jewish ChildrenPostscript to Synagogues of Dorchester
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