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Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Pauline Frederick
Pauline Frederick as Queen Elizabeth
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 Pauline Frederick, 1883-1938.

Pauline Frederick was a stage and screen actress of international reputation.

Pauline Frederick was born Pauline Beatrice Libby on August 12, 1883. She died Sept. 19, 1938. When she was about a year old, her family moved from Boston to Dorchester. In 1902 she began her career with a week's engagement at the Boston Music Hall, and she soon moved to New York where she began in the chorus of "The Rogers Brothers in Harvard."

Her beauty was legendary. When the sculptor, Ulric Ellerhusen, was still unknown, he saw a picture of Pauline Frederick in a magazine and chose her as his model of a typical American girl. The figure that he first created from the magazine illustration won him a prize, and he continued to use the same figure as the pattern for all his subsequent feminine models. Thus, unbeknownst to Pauline Frederick until later, ?her face and figure were molded in stone and bronze for several decades and appeared on many famous buildings, gracing memorial parks, state capitols and sculptured facades. She was the figure of the twenty-one life-size statues on the Chapel of the University of Chicago and the model of Wonderment on the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts, as well as the four fifty-foot figures on the State Capitol in Louisiana? among others.

Pauline Frederick played the role of Madame X and was known by this name as well.

Stage and Screen Appearances


Musical Comedy
Rogers Brothers in Harvard
Princess of Kensington
It Happened in Nordland

Little Gray Lady
The Girl in White
When Knights Were Bold
Twenty Days in the Shade
Dollar Mark
The Fourth Estate
The Paper Chase
Joseph and His Brethren
Don?t Shoot
The Guilty One
Spring Cleaning
Madame X
The Scarlet Woman
Elizabeth the Queen
When the Bough Breaks
The Queen Was in the Parlor
As Husbands Go
Criminal at Large
Her Majesty the Widow
Mary of Scotland
Masque of Kings

In Australia:
Spring Cleaning
The Lady

In England:
Madame X


Famous Players Film Company:
The Eternal City
Bella Donna
La Tosca
Mrs. Dane?s Defence
Her Final Reckoning
Ashes of Embers
The Worlds Greatest Snare
The Woman in the Case
The Slave Market
Sleeping Fires
Lydia Gilmore
The Spider
The Moment Before
Her Better Self
The Love That Lives
Double Corssed
The Hungry Heart
Madame Jealousy
Daughter of the Old South
Paid in Full
Out of the Shadow
Nanette of the Wilds

Goldwyn Company:
The Woman on the Index
One Week of Life
Bonds of Love
Loves of Letty
Paliser Case
The Woman in Room 13
Madame X
Roads of Destiny

Robertson and Cole:
A Slave of Vanity
The Mistress of Shenstone
The Sting of the Lash
The Lure of Jade
The Glory of Clementina

Vitagraph Company:
Let No Man Put Asunder

Universal Film Company:
Smouldering Fires

Warner Brothers:
Three Women

Married Flirts

Whitman Bennett Studio:
The Nest

Chadwick Picture Corporation:
Devil?s Island

Tiffany Productions
Josselyn?s Wife

(In London, England)
Herbert Wilcox Productions:

Warner Brothers:
On Trial
The Sacred Flame

The Modern Age

Self Defense
The Phantom of Crestwood

My Marriage
Thank You Mr. Moto


Elwood, Muriel. Pauline Frederick On and Off the Stage. Chicago: A. Kroch, 1940.

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Pauline Frederick as Queen ElizabethPauline Frederick as Madame X
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