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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Public Figures
 A few of Dorchesters notable residents who dont fit other categories are listed below.

James Bowdoin, Governor of Massachusetts.

William Bratton, New York City Police Commissioner.

Richard A. Clarke, the former anti-terrorism czar for the United States during the Clinton administration who wrote a book about the anti-terrorism activities of the first few months of the Bush administration prior to the Sept. 11 destruction of the World Trade Center. A Dorchester native who, apparently, lived here at least until the end of high school.

Patrick Collins, Mayor of Boston.

James Conant, President of Harvard University.

Calvin Davis1996 400 meters bronze medalist.

Ambassador Richard Egan. Appointed Ambassador to Ireland in 2001.

Edward Everett, 1794-1865, Congressman, Governor, Ambassador, President of Harvard, Secretary of State (following Webster), Senator.

Thomas Finneran, Speaker of the House, State of Massachusetts.

John Fitzgerald, Mayor of Boston.

Henry Joseph Gardner, 1818-1892, Governor of Massachusetts.

Robert Gittens, Secretary of Health and Human Services (i.e., Director of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts), formerly Commissioner of the Department of Youth Services, formerly Chairman of the Boston School Committee.

George A. Hibbard, Mayor of Boston.

General Henry Knox.

Stephen Kurkjian Pulitzer Prize winning senior metropolitan editor for The Boston Globe, and one of three founding members of the Globes investigative Spotlight Team. Kurkjian is originally from Dorchester.

Marquis de Lafayette visited.

Norman Leventhal, Developer and Philanthropist. Gave his map collection to the Boston Public Library.

Roger Ludlow, 17th century, Deputy-Governor.

Increase Mather was born in Dorchester. See Richard Mather, his father, who was an early minister of the First Church.

John W. McCormack, Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Perez Morton, attorney general of Massachusetts.

Kirk ODonnell, 1946-1998, one-time manager of the Dorchester Little City Hall. He served as General Counsel to the United States House of Representatives under Speaker Thomas P. "Tip" ONeil and was also an advisor to President Clinton. For many years he resided i Dorchester, first on Adams Street, then on Barrington Road.

Andrew Oliver, 1706-1774, Lieutenant-Governor.

Thomas Oliver, last Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Massachusetts.

Henry L. Pierce, Mayor of Boston, Principal of Walter Baker & Co.

Colonel Sam Pierce.

John Richards, Justice.

William Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin Donuts was born and grew up in Mattapan.

Ambassador Charles R. Stith.

Israel Stoughton.

William Stoughton, Chief Justice at Salem witch trials, later Governor.

William Tailor, Governor, Stoughtons nephew.

Increase Sumner, Governor.

George Washington set up fortifications in Dorchester Heights.

Daniel Webster, lived in Dorchester for a short time.

Some of the more famous people have their own pages below; some not-so-famous people are listed in the first icon below

Click this icon for other individualsRichard EganEdward EverettHenry Joseph GardnerHenry Joseph Gardner no. 2
Henry Joseph Gardner 3Roger LudlowJohn W. McCormack, 1891-1980.Perez Morton, 1750-1837Thomas Oliver, 1733-1815
Captain John PercivalHenry L. PierceWilliam TailerMary Jane Safford BlakeSamuel Turell Armstrong
Sassamon, JohnBryan EdwardsWorld War I Album
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