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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Bartlett family, Savin Hill
 From: "Name: Darlene Alberta Johnson" April, 2006

I have been researching my mother's Savin Hill family for 28 years-filling many notebooks. My mother (13) & her sister(6) left Savin Hill as orphans in 1936. Their mother had died in 1933, then their father in 1935. The family was that of Dr. Albert H. Bartlett. When Albert was 10 years old in 1870 his father Dr. Daniel (aka Dennis) S. Bartlett had the house at 235 Savin Hill built. So, when I Googled "235 Savin Hill" & found the reference to Dr. Daniel S. Bartlett I was thrilled!

Dr. Daniel S. Bartlett & his brother Dr. Samuel P. Bartlett were among the orginal 27 members of the Massachusetts Dental Society. their younger brother James W. was also a dentist. Daniel's sons William L. & Frank D. apprenticed with him & relocated to colorado in the 1880s & his daughter Mattie also moved to Colorado-married a dentist in Aspen who became President Teddy Roosevelt's dentist in Washington, DC & was appointed by Roosevelt to head up the Dental Corps or the Navy in the early 1900s.

My Grandfather Albert H. also learned dentistary from his father, staying on at his father's office at 2257 Washington St. Daniels's youngest daughter, Susan married a neighbor-Vernon H. Robinson in 1889. He was a mariner...his father was Captain James this the same early Robinson family of Savin Hill? In the late 1880s Daniel/Dennis's health started to fail - varicose veins on his legs became ulcerated. According to his Mexican War Pension records this condition caused the "ruination of his dental practice & his mental health." He was admitted to Westborough State Hospital in Dec 1891 & then to Tewksury State Hospital where he died Oct 13, 1900.

I dont't know when 235 Savin Hill was sold. I imagine the "why" it was sold was to pay for Dennis's care at Tewksbury. The 1900 Census shows my Grandfather Albert & his mother Martha at 18 Centre st. The 1910 Census shows them in Ashland,MA. He continued his dental practice at 2257 Washington St - taking the train from Ashland. Four years after his mother died in 1911 he married their Irish houskeeper. He was 54 & she was 29 with a 5 yr old son. After their 1st child was born in 1916 they moved to 289 Savin Hill..did they buy or build..I don't know. They had 3 more children.

Albert's sister Susan (Bartlett) Robinson lived at 243 Savin Hill until her death in 1938. I am trying to find out when her husband Vernon H. Robinson died as he is not buried with her at the Bartlett family plot at Forest Hill Cemetary. Her Probate Record lists the schedule of real estate as follows: land & buildings 243 Savin Hill Ave. Boston, including single house & two family house subject to mortgage Massachusetts Co-operative Bank $3.500 - Equity $4,000. Vacant land Savin Hill Ave - assessed value $1,400; marsh land Old Colony Parkway assessed value$100; 1/8 interest vacant marsh land Old Colony Parkway value $00.00. Total $5,500. In 1992 my daughter & I went thru 235 Savin Hill as it was for sale....what a thrill that was. Hope this wasn't too long you know how genealogists carry on... Thanks again--Darlene

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Created: April 4, 2006   Modified: February 19, 2007