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Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Barque Warwick Cove
View of Commercial Point
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 Barque Warwick Cove

To the east of the neighborhood of Clam Point, Barque Warwick Cove, a tidal inlet on the north side of Tenean Creek, originally separated the Commercial Point industrial area from the residential district at nearby Harrison Square. The cove is supposed to have been named for a barque (ship) named the Warwick whose hulk could be seen in the cove for many years in the 19th century.

In the photo, the closer body of water is part of the Creek. The fence line runs along the Creek and along the railroad tracks. The main body of water to right is part of Tenean Creek, and the tiny body of water that seems to make Commercial Point an island is Barque Warwick Cove.

Painting of Commercial Point
Commercial Point Painting ca. 1840
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 This painting of Commercial Point of about 1840 by H.H. Holllingsworth shows Barque Warwick Cove separating the commercial district from the mainland.

1874 Map
Map detail 1874 Commercial Point
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 This detail from the Hopkins 1874 atlas of Dorchester shows the Point in relation to the Cove and Tenean Creek.

Barque Warwick Cove
Barque Warwick Cove Commercial Point
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 This photograph shows Barque Warwick Cove from its northern end and shows the structure for the inflatable coal gas holder.

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