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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Clapp Family
Descendants of Roger Clap who stayed in Dorchester
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 The Clapp Family genealogy The Clapp Memorial. Record of the Clapp Family in America published in 1876 lists so many descendants of the original Clap settlers that they deserve a section to themselves on this website. The spelling of the name changed from Clap to Clapp around 1800 although the use of either spelling was inconsistent from family member to family member.

Descendants of Nicholas Clap who stayed in Dorchester
Descendants of Nicholas Clap who stayed in Dorchester
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Benjamin Clapp, 1795-1861David Clapp, 1720-1787David Clapp, 1759-1846Ebenezer ClapEbenezer Clapp, 1678-1750
Ebenezer Clapp, 1705-1752Ebenezer Clapp, 1732-1802Ebenezer Clapp, 1771-1860Ebenezer Clapp, 1771-1860 second articleEbenezer Clapp, 1809-1881
Edward Clap, d. 1664Edward Blake ClappErnest A. ClappEzra Clap, 1640-1717John Clapp, 1764-1840
John Cotton ClappJonathan Clap, 1673-1723Jonathan Clap, 1705-1786Joseph Clap, 1715-1789Joseph Clapp, 1751-1823
Joseph Clapp, 1774-1852Lemuel ClappLemuel Clap, 1735-1819Nehemiah Clap, 1646-1684Nicholas Clap, 1612-1679
Richard ClapRoger Clap, 1609-1691Samuel ClappThaddeus ClappWilliam Clap
Nathaniel Clap, 1640-1707Nathaniel Clap, 1712-1750Nathaniel Clap, 1744-1823Noah Clap, 1718-1799Roger Clapp, 1721-1807
Samuel Clapp, 1745-1823William Clapp, 1779-1860James Humphreys ClappThe Clapp Family and Dorchester: a Landscape History
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Clap Kendall HouseMap detail of Clap tannery and mill location 1852Roger Clap School 1896Captain Roger Clap
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