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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Alliance of First Period Properties
 The Alliance of First Period Properties

The Alliance of First Period Properties is a concept developed by Salem Preservation, Inc. and the Dorchester Historical Society to bring more attention to the earliest surviving structures in New England. By creating an alliance among groups that care for our Colonial history, we hope to bring attention to the formative period of Massachusetts history, one of the most significant periods in all of American history and to serve as a model of cooperation among institutional owners of First Period properties. As the first members of the Alliance, Salem Preservation, Inc. and the Dorchester Historical Society bring together two towns that served as gateways of migration and settlement of other towns in the Commonwealth and across the country. The early history of the two communities shed light on colonial life and colonial architecture.

Only a small number of properties still exist from the early colonial period in Massachusetts history. The preservation of these properties is of extreme importance for the appreciation of life in the 17th century and for the study of the Commonwealth?s earliest institutions. Many of our traditions were originated during the earliest years of European settlement in the new world, including the structure of Massachusetts state government, the form of the New England town meeting, public education provided by the support of taxes, and the establishment of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company and many more.

We hope that other owners of early buildings and that all stakeholders with an interest in First Period architecture will join the Alliance so that together we can devise new educational programs and events.

John Goff, Salem Preservation, Inc.
Earl Taylor, Dorchester Historical Society

First Tour, May 2007
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Created: June 16, 2007   Modified: June 16, 2007