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Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Josephine Bifano
 RE: The late Josephine Bifano-former business manager of the STRAND Dorchester and her legacy at The Harriet McCormack Performance Center

Maurice Starr New Edition manager short of cash at the time needed a stand to present his unknown new group "the New Kids on the Block" Josephine gave him the STRAND stage..the rest is history..

Whenever the Strand payroll was short on funds..Josephine would quietly close her office door and go into her purse..As long as Josephine was there no one would miss a paycheck

Children's OPERA was presented at the Strand to busloads of Boston School children, Josephine an Opera supporter and was a favorite of the circle of Opera Ladies that bankrolled Sara Caldwell...

It was Josephine who found a grant that would provide the Strand with a new Marquee, a replica of the 1971 marquee...

Josephine's family had been one of the founding families on the North End's Prince Street of
PRINCE SPAGHETTI...and unmarried, had operated as many as 5 (five) Italian Bakeries at a time as a lifetime Boston resident where in her final years she had bought and lived in Walter Baker's daughters home outside of Field's Corner...A Dorchesterite and Bostonian to the End..

The "Walk of fame" should include Josephine along with New Kids on the Block and she deserves a memorial Photo on the wall at the soon to be restored Strand.

a.t.b. Fred McLennan

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Created: August 26, 2007   Modified: August 26, 2007