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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Soldiers Monument
Soldiers Monument
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 The Soldiers Monument (Civil War commemoration) was erected in 1867 by the Pickwick Club.

The Soldiers' Monument lists the names of those who fell in the service of their country during the Civil War.

Names listed on the

East Tablet

H.W. Hall
T.B. Fox, Jr.
W.R. Porter
F.R. Barnard
Walter Humphreys
G.F. Boynton
J.H. Stimpson
A.W. Clapp
H.D. Burr
Otis Sumner
E.B. Tileston
George Holmes
R.T. Holmes
J.H. Bradshaw
G.H. Clark
W.E. Blake
B.F. Bartlett
Jas. Campbell
T.S. Boynton
R. Wesselhoeft
G.W. McElroy
W.F. Pope
E.F. Adams
H.A. Evans

North Tablet

Benjamin Stone, Jr.
E.C. Foster
C.A. Browne
O.J. Dodge
H.C. Foster
Patrick Collins
J. McGoverin
A.C. Stone
J.E. Robie
Isaac Williams
David Brown
John Marter
G.E. Tolman
Charles Pool
G.R. Baxter
S.H. Cox
Cunnison Deans
C.W. Richardson
E.Q. Richards
R.T. McGukin
F.H. Sumner
M.W. Stone
J.E. Bird
Alexander Musgrave

South Tablet

M.H. Warren
J.T. Black
Rufus Choate
M.M. Shepard
S.S. Chadwick
John B. Phelps
J.W. Templeman
C.H. Marsh
I.A. Howe
Dallas Southworth
H.A. Fuller
W.W. Richards
G.C. Millet
Augustus Deutling
J.O. Hill
S.W. Young
James Driscoll
G.L. French
J.E. Harris
John Doody
G.E. Lambert
S.B. Harris
G.H. French
Henry Morrow

West Tablet

W.G. Hewins
B.R. Pierce
Frank Carr
Andrew Fais
A.J. McIntire
Andrew Wilson
W.B. Gaskins
C.F. Dale
Jas. Teelan
J.H. Blackman
Harrison Glover
Lemuel Tileston
Sylvester Wheeler
M.O. Connor
J.C. Clapp
T.S. Dennett
Jeremiah Hendley
C.E. Tolman
G.O. Baxter
William Quigley
C.E. Hart
Fritz Goeth
J.W. Sterling
Geo. B. Young
Frederick Veit

Dorchester's Homage to Its Civil War Heros
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