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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Search results: Dorchester, Massachusetts, Dorchester Historical Society
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Mayor John Fitzgerald
Title Mayor John Fitzgerald
Caption Photograph of Mayor John F. Fitzgerald. Published in...
Comments Honey Fitz was a resident of Ashmont Hill.
Picnumber 1
Keywords John Fitzgerald
Taylor House
Title Taylor House
Caption Photograph of Taylor House, Dudley Street. "It was in this...
Comments We now know that Sarah Morton was not the author of this...
Picnumber 2
Keywords Taylor House, Sarah Morton, Sarah Wentworth Apthorp Morton
Everett House
Title Everett House
Caption Photograph of the Everett House. Built 1745 by Robert...
Comments The house stood on the northeast corner of Edward Everett...
Picnumber 3
Keywords Everett House, Edward Everett, Robert Oliver
E.N. Rolland building, Upham's Corner
Title E.N. Rolland building, Upham's Corner
Caption Photograph published in Official Program, Dorchester Day,...
Comments Also known as the Columbia Square Building, the Masonic...
Picnumber 4
Keywords E.N. Rolland Building, Upham's Corner, Columbia Square...
Flagstaff dedicated Upham's Corner 1909
Title Flagstaff dedicated Upham's Corner 1909
Caption Photograph of dedication of flagpole in Uphams Corner, April...
Picnumber 5
Keywords Flagpole, Upham's Corner
Welles House
Title Welles House
Caption Photograph of the Welles House. George Henry Knox occupied...
Comments This house was located on Washington Street where the Codman...
Picnumber 6
Keywords Welles House, Knox House, Webster House
Appleton House
Title Appleton House
Caption Photograph of the Appleton House, Pleasant Street, also...
Comments The house was built in 1779 by Moses Everett, minister of...
Picnumber 7
Walter Baker House
Title Walter Baker House
Caption Photograph of Walter Baker House, Washington Street....
Comments Known as the Walter Baker mansion, this house was built in...
Picnumber 8
Keywords Baker House, Colonial Club, Bichloride of Gold Institute
Town Hall
Title Town Hall
Caption Photograph of Town House rear view with store. Corner...
Comments The Town Hall was located where the first incarnation of the...
Picnumber 9
Keywords Town Hall, Codman Square
Aunt Deborah Fields House
Title Aunt Deborah Fields House
Caption Photograph of Aunt Deborah Fields House, Lower Mills....
Picnumber 10
Keywords Fields House, Lower Mills

  Pages   Images Results 1-10 of 2617Next