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Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Search results: Dorchester Day Celebration, Parade
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Mrs. H.M. Sanders
Title Mrs. H.M. Sanders
Caption Photograph of Mrs. H.M. Sanders driving Billy in Memorial...
Picnumber 91
Mayor Fitzgerald Leading Parade
Title Mayor Fitzgerald Leading Parade
Caption Mayor Fitzgerald Leading Parade at Dediction of the...
Picnumber 731
Keywords Mayor Fitzgerald Leading Parade, Dorchester Gentlemen's...
Fields Corner, Dorchester Day 1967
Title Fields Corner, Dorchester Day 1967
Caption Photo of St. Ann's leading the parade through Fields Corner...
Picnumber 12630
Keywords Fields Corner, Dorchester, Dorchester Day 1967
Little Red Schoolhouse
Title Little Red Schoolhouse
Caption Little Red Schoolhouse carried in the East Boston Parade,...
Picnumber 14252
Keywords Little Red Schoolhouse, Parade, East Boston, 1895

  Pages   Images Results 1-4 of 4