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Monday, April 6, 2020
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Search results: Eddy Refrigerator
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D. Eddy & Son Refrigerators
Title D. Eddy & Son Refrigerators
Caption Invoice for a refrigerator purchased from D. Eddy & Son,...
Picnumber 2162
Keywords Eddy Refrigerator, Dorchester
Eddy Refrigerators
Title Eddy Refrigerators
Caption Advertisement from the Eddy Refrigerator company.
Picnumber 3325
Keywords Eddy Refrigerators, icebox, Dorchester, King Square
Eddy Refrigerator
Title Eddy Refrigerator
Caption Photograph of an Eddy Refrigerator owned by the Dorchester...
Picnumber 12261
Keywords Eddy Regrigerator, Dorchester

  Pages   Images Results 1-3 of 3