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Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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Search results: Edward Everett Square, Dorchester Historical Society, Walking Tour
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Mayor John Fitzgerald
Title Mayor John Fitzgerald
Caption Photograph of Mayor John F. Fitzgerald. Published in...
Comments Honey Fitz was a resident of Ashmont Hill.
Picnumber 1
Keywords John Fitzgerald
Everett House
Title Everett House
Caption Photograph of the Everett House. Built 1745 by Robert...
Comments The house stood on the northeast corner of Edward Everett...
Picnumber 3
Keywords Everett House, Edward Everett, Robert Oliver
Blake House
Title Blake House
Caption Photograph of the Blake House. Published in Official...
Picnumber 18
Keywords Blake House, Edward Everett Square
Frank L. Young
Title Frank L. Young
Caption Photograph of Frank L. Young, President of the Dorchester...
Picnumber 49
Keywords Frank L. Young, Dorchester Historical Society
John A. Fowle
Title John A. Fowle
Caption Photograph of John A. Fowle, Secretary and Treasurer of the...
Picnumber 50
Keywords John A. Fowle, Dorchester Historical Society
Gerome C. Hosmer
Title Gerome C. Hosmer
Caption Photograph of Gerome C. Hosmer, past president of the...
Picnumber 52
Keywords Gerome C. Hosmer, Dorchester Historical Society
Edward T. Horne
Title Edward T. Horne
Caption Photograph of Edward T. Horne, Vice President of the...
Picnumber 53
Keywords Edward T. Horne, Dorchester Historical Society
Map, 1831
Title Map, 1831
Caption Detail from A Map of the Towns of Dorchester and Milton, by...
Picnumber 99
Keywords Map, 1831
Putnam Nail Works
Title Putnam Nail Works
Caption Putnam Nail Works, ca. 1895. Courtesy of Dorchester...
Picnumber 101
Keywords Putnam Nail Works
Coal Schooner, Commercial Point
Title Coal Schooner, Commercial Point
Caption Coal Schooner, Commercial Point, ca. 1888. Courtesy of the...
Picnumber 102
Keywords Commercial Point, Coal

  Pages   Images Results 1-10 of 577Next