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Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Search results: Francis Russell, Author
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These are the image results from your query; click on the pages link to view the page results, or on a thumbnail below for more information.
Taylor House
Title Taylor House
Caption Photograph of Taylor House, Dudley Street. "It was in this...
Comments We now know that Sarah Morton was not the author of this...
Picnumber 2
Keywords Taylor House, Sarah Morton, Sarah Wentworth Apthorp Morton
Harris School
Title Harris School
Caption Postcard. Caption on front: Harris School, Dorchester, Mass....
Comments The Harris School was built in 1861 at the corner of Adams...
Picnumber 234
Keywords Postcard, Harris School, New England News Company, B 13533
Richard Mather
Title Richard Mather
Caption Illustration in: Good Old Dorchester / William Dana Orcutt....
Comments Richard Mather was a school teacher in his early teens; then...
Picnumber 441
Keywords Richard Mather
First Church, Dorchester
Title First Church, Dorchester
Caption Postcard. No caption on front. Postally unused. On...
Picnumber 2593
Keywords Dorchester, First Parish Church
Oliver Optic - William T. Adams
Title Oliver Optic - William T. Adams
Caption Portrait of the author William T. Adams (Oliver Optic) in...
Picnumber 3964
Keywords Oliver Optic, William T. Adams, Dorchester
Edward Payson Jackson
Title Edward Payson Jackson
Caption Portrait of Edward Payson Jackson, a Dorchester resident,...
Picnumber 5253
Keywords Edward Payson Jackson, Dorchester, Lyndhurst Street
Michael Patrick MacDonald
Title Michael Patrick MacDonald
Caption Michael Patrick MacDonald is an author whose book All...
Picnumber 9887
Keywords Michael Patrick MacDonald, Columbia Point
Young Lieutenant
Title Young Lieutenant
Caption Scan of cover of book Young Lieutenant by Oliver Optic, a...
Picnumber 12243
Keywords Young Lieutenant, Oliver Optic
Theodore White
Title Theodore White
Caption Author Theodore White grew up in Dorchester.
Picnumber 12649
Keywords Theodore White, Dorchester
Douglas MacKinnon
Title Douglas MacKinnon
Caption Dorchester native Douglas MacKinnon is the author of The...
Picnumber 12695
Keywords Douglas MacKinnon, Dorchester

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