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Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Search results: Huebener, Motley, brick
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These are the image results from your query; click on the pages link to view the page results, or on a thumbnail below for more information.
Oldest School House, Freeport Street
Title Oldest School House, Freeport Street
Caption Photograph of the oldest School House standing (in 1913). ...
Picnumber 19
Keywords School House, Freeport Street
Peabody Square
Title Peabody Square
Caption Postcard. Caption on front: Peabody Sq. looking down...
Comments Looking north along Dorchester Avenue from Peabody Square. ...
Picnumber 257
Keywords Postcard, Peabody Square, J.V. Hartman
Niles Gardner House
Title Niles Gardner House
Caption Photograph. Published in Lost Examples of Colonial...
Comments "Courtesy of Edward Huebener, Esq. Pre-Revolutionary. Round...
Picnumber 407
Keywords Gardner House, Niles House
John Lothrop Motley House
Title John Lothrop Motley House
Caption Photograph printed on p. 37 of Dorchester Old and New...
Picnumber 491
Keywords John Lothrop Motley House
Upham building
Title Upham building
Caption Amos Upham's general store was replaced in 1884 by a...
Picnumber 900
Keywords Uphas
St. Mark's Church
Title St. Mark's Church
Caption Postcard. Caption on front: St. Marks Church, Dorchester,...
Comments Although the map is from 1918, the structure shown is yellow...
Picnumber 1303
Keywords St. Mark Church, C.T. American Art, 105375
Fifield School Summer 2002
Title Fifield School Summer 2002
Caption Digital photograph of Emily A. Fifield School, summer, 2002.
Comments From: Mildred Alpern, Nov. 21, 2005 I attended this...
Picnumber 1373
Keywords Emily A. Fifield School
Albert E. Shepard
Title Albert E. Shepard
Caption Photograph from Bakers and Baking in Massachusetts / Arthur...
Comments "Employed at Bent's factory [Milton] was a young man named...
Picnumber 1446
Keywords Albert E. Shepard
Swan House
Title Swan House
Caption Swan House on Huebener brick, digital photograph, Aug. 2002
Comments The house was located at the corner of Dudley and Howard...
Picnumber 1467
Keywords Swan House, Huebener brick, Bulfinch, Howard Street, Dudley...
Syria Temple No. 31
Title Syria Temple No. 31
Caption Digital photograph taken Jan. 2003. Syria Temple No. 31,...
Comments Reader's Comment: From Mary Stankiewicz I remember it...
Picnumber 2053
Keywords Syria Temple, St. Matthew Roman Catholic Church, St. Matthew...

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