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Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Search results: John Lothrop Motley
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John Lothrop Motley House
Title John Lothrop Motley House
Caption Photograph printed on p. 37 of Dorchester Old and New...
Picnumber 491
Keywords John Lothrop Motley House
John Lothrop Motley, historian
Title John Lothrop Motley, historian
Caption Scan of frontispiece engraving of John Lothrop Motley, a...
Picnumber 4993
Keywords Motley
John Lothrop Motley House, Huebener Brick no. 12
Title John Lothrop Motley House, Huebener Brick no. 12
Caption Digital photo taken in 2004 of painting of John Lothrop...
Comments Artist's name on brick: Chisholm
Picnumber 5319
Keywords Huebener, Motley, brick

  Pages   Images Results 1-3 of 3